About TMP
About TMP Sales  

About TMP Sales, Inc.:
We are a team of electronic manufacturer's representatives serving the Pacific Northwest.

TMP Sales, Inc. focuses on your interconnect solution needs in two ways:

  • Introducing you to leading engineers and products in interconnect technology


  • Building lasting, profitable relationships between companies through good communication and results.
  • We are independent manufacturers representatives and represent the following companies:

    AEM Components
    Inter-Technical; WIMA / EMC

    Some of the products we offer:

    Antenna Assemblies
    802.11 antenna connectors
    Box Film Capacitors
    Cabline multi-contact micro-coax connector
    Custom Carrying Cases
    EVA Formed foam carrying cases for portable electronics
    IPEX connectors
    LVDS panel connectors
    MHF microcoax connector (U.FL)(W.FL)
    Power inductors
    SD Card connectors