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Need small gauge coax jumpers for your engineering development work or for your small to medium volume production runs?


MHF Antenna Connectors and Cable Assemblies


MHFThe popular I-PEX MHF connector is a SMT receptacle and mating plug cable connector with a 2.0mm low profile mating height. Lower profiles available. Standard MHF uses small gauge coax cable with an outside diameter of 0.8mm, 1.13mm or 1.32mm. U.FL compatible and applicable for IEEE802.11b and Bluetooth Wireless. The MHF4 is our newest small antenna connector with a 1.2mm mating height and uses 0.81mm small gauge coax. If you need MHF4 cable jumpers, please contact us.

Download the MHF4 data sheet here: Download MHF4 [PDF]


Cabline Display Connectors and Cable Assemblies


Cabline is I-PEX' eDP/LVDS series flat panel display connector utilizing a range of micro coax from AWG36 down to AWG46 and pin counts ranging from 5 to 51 conductors. Mating heights as low as 0.7mm. Used on the newest 10.1" displays for mobile computing. Do you need a cable assembly to power up your LCD panel? The I-PEX Cabline-VS connector cable plug 20453-040T-11 mates to the I-PEX 20455-040E-12 receptacle found on many newer VESA compliant LCD panels. I-PEX cable plug 20453-040T-11 assembly is comprised of three component parts, the housing, shell and pull-bar. Contact TMP Sales, Inc. for cable assemblies to support the following VESA Standard Panel Compliant LCD Panels: B101AW03 VO / B133XW01 VO / HT101HD1-100 / N116B6-L02 / LP133WH2-TLA2 / LP133WH1- / LP140WH2-TLA1 / LP156WH2-TLAC / LP173WD1-TLA1 / LTN156AT02-D / PQ 3Qi-01

For more information about the Cabline series, click on this link.


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